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About Me

  • Nickname: Shark
  • Favorite pokémon: Wigglytuff... I chose Wigglytuff because the second I saw those eyes... Wigglytuff has beautiful eyes! And that hair... Anyway, I like Wigglytuff, because it is cute, strong, and those eyes are so CUTE!! Yeah right! Let's see Wigglytuff defeat Mewtwo/Dragonite/Golem/other!! And I think Wigglytuff is strong because you can teach it a ton TMs, and as we all know, pokémon can't attack while they're asleep! Wigglytuff?! Cute?! Which part's confusing you?
  • Favorite TV shows: DragonballZ
  • Favorite Character?: Freiza! He is so cool! ...Even though he's evil. Hmm... But Captain Ginyu is always able to make me laugh. Always focusing on mottos and poses instead of the fight.. And Vegeta is cool, too... But Freiza and Vegeta hate each other, so it probably makes little sense to like both, if any.
  • Favorite Moment?: A: When Goku told Captain Ginyu that the battle poses weren't nessacary... LOL

    B: While Vegeta was dying. Dramatic.

    C: The episode where Goku transformed to Super Saiyan in the Freiza Saga... "What are you?!"

  • Other TV: Monster Rancher, Pokémon, Digimon, Tenchi Universe, Sailor Moon, You Lie Like A Dog!(A game show on Animal Planet..), Ranma 1/2, Courage the Cowardly Dog(A show on Cartoon Network), Gundam Wing, The Simpsons, Futurama, Malcolm in the Middle...
  • Things I'm interested in: Shark, UFOs, Anime, Animorphs, anime, HTML, and psychology.
  • By the way... I *dare* you to go to Neopets. Com'on, *CLICK*!

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