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Hey whats up?This is snowOoOball! You wanna know more about me?How sweet!

Color: Green
Food: Potatoes
Hobbie: Web page making, sing,reading,writing
Songs: Soft songs
Singers: Boyz II men,nsync,joe,westlife,bbmak,spm,m2m
Sanrio: Pochacco
Tv show: Sailor Moon
Sailor: Mars and Neptune
Pokemon: Bulbsaur and oddish
Wrestler: HHH,The Rock,Too cool,DX ,Rikishi!(WWF)
*Shout Outs*
Links to Their Web site
Pretty_Tangela, Shark, Mandy, Doduo_Master,Colormew,CoolGirl3006,psyducky1,LongVanTran,PhivanTran,KcBABE02...
I love you guys!You guys really rule and Phi have a great time in college!:)
Also my loveable pets: Kirbie and Shakey(parakeets) and a new member of the family my cute puppy ..The Real SnowBall!