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Here are some Dogs that need good homes on the net. Be sure to read their profile so you can pick out the right dog that matches your personality and additional info about them.

<img src=""> Name: Muffin
How gets name: brown like a muffin
Found where:running around food stores
Personality: She is a very active dog with lots of energy,she loves to be groomed, she is very barkative and loud, she is sometimes stubborn and lazy but she is always patient with kids.
Good with: Children
Bad with: Cats
Additional Info: has a brother named Muffles.

<img src="">
Name: Muffles
How gets name: Muffles when he barks
Found: 6/5/00
Found where: running around food stores
Personality: He is playful at times, but mostly very gently, obediant and caustious. He has lots of energy but uses it slowly and softly
Good with: anybody
Bad with: trash cans
Additional Info: Has a sister named Muffin

<img src="">
Name: Yapper
How gets name: Loud
Found: 6/7/00
Found where: roamin around Sanrio Treasures HQ
Personality: He is a small clumsy puppy packed with energy. He is loud and playful. He is very protective and yaps loudly and loves to run around.
Good with: kids
Bad with: elderly, peace wanting people,cats, other pets
Additional Info: Suffers from bad homes

<img src="">
Name: Sharon
How gets name: donated by owner, Sharon
Found: 6/11/00
Found where: given by owner Sharon
Personality: she is very clumsy,playful that is teething at the moment. she trips on her long ears all the time and drools all over the place.She is a fun loving puppy who likes to cuddle with kids.
Good with: Kids
Bad with: still not known
Additional Info: From a litter of 6 puppies
More Dogs coming soon!
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