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~Explaining System~

Ok...This is how this works...PLEASE READ IF YOU DONT YOU WILL NOT GET AN ANIMATED BANNER!You will go to step one and you will be able to choose your banner but first! I cannot do this for free!What i will need you to do is to link to me in your shop!(when i go look at your shop..if my link is not there i will not make your banner!) how you may ask? well all you have to do is copy this:

a href="">Everything for Anything!(get your own animated banner here!)

copy that and put a < in front of a href... and a > behind

when you get....

5 Refferals i will buy 3 things from your shop!
10 refferals i will give you and item! 15 refferals i will give you another item! and if you get 20 refferals then you get a package! full of items! sounds good? proceed!

GO to step ONE!