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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!Heres the latest contest! Its call the Petpets o rama! Its easy wheezy to enter.

Buy at least 2 items from my shop(wayquan) and i will look at your page. i will keep a copdy of which egg you get(you can only get one!) IF YOU GET MORE THEN ONE EGG YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED! its only one egg per username.if you change eggs then you are disqualified. I will write down everything.

Now after you buy 2 items you select one egg and put it in your shop. When it hatches on april 15 and you get the rabbit family you win..not quite. you have to be one of the first 4 people to neo-mail me! and you win:

first place- 1 petpets of your choice(no cooking pot ones)and 1 random

second place- 1 original petpets of your choice(ie. puppyblew, snorkle,angelpuss ect.)and 1 spooky

Third place- 1 Aqua pet of your choice

Fourth place- 1 spooky

Feel lucky?