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Hi, we are currently looking for staff in this collection. it seems like 3 people arn't enough to work on this. We Are currently looking for these kind of staff members...

*Image editor*
You dont get access to the page but you make images.You have to be able to make animations really well.To apply you need to e-mail with your name and some of your animations and graphics.We are currently looking for 2.

We need one manager for everysite we have and that manager can only work on that page and no other.You are helping out and updating a website daily.We need one manager for every site like The sanrio,WWF,pokemon and ect. but you need to know how to do html very well not expert but very advanced.All you have to do is e-mail any of us for the, or

*Main base organizer*
We need a person who can orangize everything well and make everything look good. we now need 2

A person who is advanced in html and make pages for this collection.we currently need 2

And if you want a job remember to e-mail contact Shark), contact colormew),and contact SnowOoOball)