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How to fade images

open up your image. I used this oone (duh!)

Using the freehand tool (onthe left side, it looks like a little lasso) select the part you want to face. I just selected his body.

Press Ctrl C, then Ctrl D, then Ctrl L. You should see too of him now. Move the image where you want it to fade. You can kinda tell in the pic where you should move it to.

Click on image at the menu on top, go to blur, and then find motion blur on the list. Set the angle to what you want and the intensity to 40. Now it should be faded (or blurred)

using the eraser tool on the left menu (looks like an eraser) set the size to whatever you want and erase the part of the body that the blurred thingy is covering. You can play around with the size.

it might take you awhile to get it but just play around with it!