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Here are some Birds that need good homes on the net. Be sure to read their profile so you can pick out the right bird that matches your personality and additional info about them.

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Name: Slurpie
How gets name: Found in a slurpie cup
Found: 5/24/00
Found where: in a slurpie cup
Personality: He loves to sing to music and is very loud and noisy, he is playful and fearless. he is at times stubborn. He loves to be around humans.
Good with: other birds and humans
Bad with: cats
Additional Info: Can talk a little. he can say hello,hey babe,and welcome.

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Name: Krystal
How gets name: Found floating in Lake Krystal
Found where: Found floating in Lake Krystal
Personality: She is easily frightened, she enjoys being around people and feels safe, she is soft,and gently.She is also energetic.
Good with: people/dogs
Bad with: cats/ big pools of water
Additional Info: Frightend by pools of water.

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Name: Skeeter
How gets name: Tweets alot
Found where: in the bushes around Sanrio Treasures HQ
Personality: Loud and wild. He likes to bite and is very protective. he is packed with energy and bouces around.
Good with: other birds
Bad with: cats
Additional Info: Still soar, hard to connect to humans.

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Name: Drake Lake
How gets name: from chick lick and the sky is falling
Found where: in a polluted pond.
Personality: He is warm and quiet. He is also playful and fun,he is tender soft and gentle.
Good with: kids
Bad with: cats
Additional Info: his mate died in the water.
More Birds coming soon!
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